Steampunk. Wonderful stuff!  Brass and gadgets and Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Warehouse 13 and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and more.  I love it! Most of these links date back to 2009, when this website had a Steampunk theme. Oh, Steampunk remains among my passions, and I’ll be adding more Steam-related links and videos at this website, as I find them. For now, these are just a few cool links. Gizmodo: Art Deco is the New Steampunk – A review of the sleek modified keyboard by Datamancer, who made the elegant (as in: suck-in-your-breath-in-awe) Steampunk Laptop and other delights. CGSociety: Steampunk results - The winners of the 2008 contest hosted by the Society of Digital Artists.  Juicy images and awe-inspiring videos. WebUrbanist: Steampunk & Lego – I’m not sure that I’d call all of these mods steampunk, but all of them are very cool and start my mental [More]
This sketchcrawl video is a little long, and the music — especially at the beginning — is trés disco.  However, if you watch just a few minutes of this, I think you’ll be inspired.  You’ll see wonderful locations, a group of people sketching them, and get a hint of the social fun that’s involved in many organized sketchcrawls. A sketchcrawl is a way to create art while observing the world around you. The art is usually something representative of the sights you see as you sketch.  It’s like a travel journal, but the “travel” is often something local to where you live. Most sketchcrawls involve a full day of sketching, usually as you tour a particular area.  Typical art supplies include a pencil and something to sketch on.  Some people bring just those art supplies to the sketchcrawl.  Others include more elaborate art supplies, such as colored pencils, watercolors, a [More]
If I had to name one professional artist whose work has inspired me across all media — in addition to the art of my mother and her father, of course — it’s James C. Christensen.  His imagery is full of whimsy, Shakespeare, and fairy tales.  His figures are painted, but they could as easily be the inspiration for mixed media dolls. His vision is tremendous, and his attention to detail — and knowing when to stop — is awe-inspiring. That’s why I chose this video as the header of my list of past creative links. This is a restored, updated, lists of links.  Most of them should still work, but some may be broken by the time you visit. The original version of this page appeared on my old Aisling blog… the first post-GeoCities one, that is.  (Yes, I’ve been online since the mid-1990s.) I’ve added more recent notes throughout [More]