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steampunk links and gearsSteampunk. Wonderful stuff!  Brass and gadgets and Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Warehouse 13 and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and more.  I love it!

Most of these links date back to 2009, when this website had a Steampunk theme.

Oh, Steampunk remains among my passions, and I’ll be adding more Steam-related links and videos at this website, as I find them.

For now, these are just a few cool links.

Gizmodo: Art Deco is the New Steampunk – A review of the sleek modified keyboard by Datamancer, who made the elegant (as in: suck-in-your-breath-in-awe) Steampunk Laptop and other delights.

CGSociety: Steampunk results - The winners of the 2008 contest hosted by the Society of Digital Artists.  Juicy images and awe-inspiring videos.

WebUrbanist: Steampunk & Lego – I’m not sure that I’d call all of these mods steampunk, but all of them are very cool and start my mental gears turning.

WebUrbanist: 173 Radical Retrofuturistic Designs & Technologies provide ample visual inspiration for your steampunk and retro artwork.


The Steampunk Workshop – In which we see numerous extraordinary examples of  fantastical art.  Look.  Drool. Covet.  Derive inspiration.  Share.

Brass Goggles – A continuing blog of interest, featuring all things steampunk.  If they don’t have it, you probably don’t need it.

The Willows Magazine - If you like steampunk-ish fiction, this magazine is among the best in the genre.

Rather Dashing Games – Wonderful, steam-related board games and other enticements.  Very cool, and a couple of friends are part of this project.

Can you recommend other steampunk sites and blog entries?  Add them as comments, below!


Kym Decker says:

Really glad I found your site! Thank you for the awesome steampunk links. Especially the Brass Goggles! It’s hard to find steampunk and I am on the web search for more sites dedicated to this topic because I am a mixed-media artist and love incorporating steampunk in my art work. If I find anymore links Iwill let you know .

Have a great day!

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